Digital illustrations done for Les Talents M (a community of French speaking professionals specialized in Marketing) to help them communicate on a solidarity partnership program they created during the Covid-19 crisis.
The partnership consists in : a talent from the collective chooses a local business that he would like to support. Then the talent matches the small business with the best partner. And finally, he helps both partners in coordinating the implementation of their project. The goal is to help 10 local businesses to maintain their activity during the crisis and promote the local economy.
The first illustration shows how the local economy is promoted and how small businesses are supported by bigger businesses. The second one depicts the 4 steps of the process, from the selection of the small business to the promotion of the local economy.​​​​​​​
The “one-line” illustration style shows the whole process and the collaborative aspect of the project. People and elements are in movement and all interconnected. The hand-drawn aspect of the brush mixed with some flat shape gives more personality to the illustrations.
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